Expendables 2 Trailer

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When it comes to “Tough Guys” this movie has more than you can believe would ever appear on screeen together.  The first movie The Expendables (2010) was a tough guy film fest, and the sequel is looking to out do it.

I for one, can’t wait.  Stallone, Willis, Schwarzenegger, Norris, Van Damme, Li, Lundgren, Statham, Crews, Couture, and Hemsworth all in the same film….

I’m hoping Arnold’s role will be larger, and from the first trailer (see below) it looks as if he will.  Also, this is the first movie Chuck Norris has appeared in for quite some time.  It’s great that Stallone got him to come out of retirement for this testosterone filled extravaganza for all tough guy fans everywhere.

This will be THE movie next summer for all Tough Guy fans!

The first trailer does not show too much, but it lets you see who’s in the film, and it makes you want to see more.

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