Non-Stop starring Liam Neeson – movie review

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Non Stop Liam NeesonNon-Stop starring Liam Neeson is the newest B-movie tough guy action flick starring Neeson as the down and out air marshal Bill Marks in a mile-high thriller of a flight. There’s really nothing new with this movie as action tough guy movies go, but that’s okay, because Neeson and the supporting cast do a great job in this formulaic enjoyable film. The 61-year-old Neeson proves he is as tough as the best of them as he continues to shine in this type of role just like others in their 60s such as Stallone and Schwarzenegger. (We need Neeson in a future Expendables movie.)

Produced by Joel Silver, who has more tough guy movies under his belt than you can count, Non-Stop provides everything you want from a B-action movie. Neeson’s disgruntled air marshal is tormented by the past, drinks, smokes, and isn’t one to follow the rules. He’s the perfect candidate to be set up as a hijacker holding everyone on the plane hostage while demanding money be transferred to “his” bank account. As I mentioned, while not “new” Neeson plays this role in top form, and along with the supporting cast, it is a fun entertaining movie.

Is it far-fetched and over the top at times? Of course. Is it predictable? Yes. There is a scene if you are paying attention that cinched that I knew who the bad guy was, and then waited eagerly to confirm I was right. I was, but there were some other twists that I didn’t figure out. It was interesting how the use of texting and cell phones was used, pulling the sextenarian action hero into modern day with the use of technology. These texts had to have been the most annoying and deadly thing on an aircraft since snakes on a plane. (Speaking of annoying texts, how I wanted to go shine a 500 lumens Surefire flashlight into the eyes of the person who kept texting down in front of me, and then with a Liam Neeson voice say, “Sorry, was that rude?”)

Non Stop 2 liam neesonWhile Non-Stop certainly delivers some exciting action, it is not as full of fighting, shooting, and action scenes as the Taken franchise. (I can’t wait to see where they take Neeson in Taken 3) This film combines the action with a whodunit movie, as Neeson and the audience attempts to figure out who of the 150 people on board the international flight is sending the text messages and creating the “situation” on the plane. And as I mentioned, even though I did figure out whodunit, the reasons and some of the rest were a surprise.

You need to put your tongue in cheek, suspend belief, enjoy your popcorn, and have a fun time watching Liam Neeson brood, talk tough, fight bad guys, and hopefully save the day. (Oh come on, you know he’s going to save the day, don’t you?)

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