Alan Ladd as Shane – My kind of game

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Shane my kind of game“This is my kind of game, Joe.”

Alan Ladd as Shane – Shane (1953)


Joe Starrett (Van Heflin) is preparing to go face Rufus Ryker (Emile Meyer) and Jack Wilson (Jack Palance) when Shane comes in with his gun on.  Joe tells him it ain’t his game, and Shane tells him, “Maybe you’re a match for Ryker, maybe not.  But you’re not a match for Wilson.”  When Shane tells Joe it’s no use, and Joe asks if he’ll have to fight Shane too, Shane tells him, “That depends on you.”  The two fight and Shane knocks Joe out with his gun and rides off to town to face Ryker and Wilson.

Movie Trivia:

Van Heflin, who played Joe Starrett, appeared in numerous movies, including 3:10 to Yuma (1957), Stagecoach (1966), and Airport (1970).

About the Actor:

Alan Ladd was married to Sue Carol from 1942 through the time of his death in 1964.  They had two children, Alana Ladd and David Ladd.


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