Charles Bronson in Murphy’s Law

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Murphy's LawBecause this time we got him by the balls. I’m sorry. I don’t mean ‘balls.’ I mean ‘chandeliers.’ We have him by the chandeliers.”

Charles Bronson as Jack Murphy – Murphy’s Law (1986)


In a fancy restaurant, Murphy tells Frank Vincenzo (Richard Romanus) that he is going to arrest his brother for murder. Vincenzo had already told Murphy the lady at the table was his mother and he should watch the way he talked in front of her. When Vincenzo says he hasn’t seen his brother, Murphy tells him, “When you do, tell him the smart thing to do is to turn himself in.” He then says the above.

Movie Trivia:

Murphy’s Law (1986) is one of two movies starring Charles Bronson released in 1986. The other movie, made for television, was Act of Vengeance (1986) (TV).

From the future book Tough Guy Wisdom: Charles Bronson

Check out the trailer and the DVD from amazon:  (Trivia: The line “Don’t mess with Jack Murphy” is a bit different in the movie.  The film is rated R, and the line, which is Murphy’s Law, is “Don’t F… with Jack Murphy.”  They had to use this for the trailer for all audiences.)