Code of Silence – Chuck Norris

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Code of SilenceIt’s not a threat Mr. Scalese. It’s a prediction.”

Chuck Norris as Eddie Cusack – Code of Silence (1985)


Cusack visits Felix Scalese (Nathan Davis) on his boat when looking for Tony Luna (Mike Genovese). Scalese tells him to buy oranges because the price is low and he can promise there will be a trucking strike. Cusack asks, “Is that a bribe Mr. Scalese.” The older man answers, “It’s a prediction.” When Scalese won’t talk, Cusack tells him, “I’m going to find Tony Luna and I’m going to nail his ass, and anyone else connected to him. You got that?” As Cusack walks off, the old man stands and says, “Why you punk, nobody threatens me.” This was Cusack’s reply as he punches one of Scalese’s goons, knocking him into the water – again.


From the future Tough Guy Wisdom: Chuck Norris

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