Robert Duvall in Broken Trail

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Broken TrailWomen. The habits and ambitions of women are more a mystery to me than Egyptian hieroglyphics. And I ain’t found the Rosetta Stone yet.”

Robert Duvall as Prentice Ritter – Broken Trail (2006)


As the men sit around the campfire, Ritter talks about why he lives on the range. This was his reply when Gilpin (Scott Cooper) asks, “So what about women?” As the conversation continues, Ritter shares this knowledge, “God ain’t made a man that could stand up to the power that lays between a woman’s thighs. You see, the hold that little cooter has on a man’s life is unbreakable. It can bring a strong man to his knees.”

Movie Trivia:

Scott Cooper, who plays Heck Gilpin, directed the Oscar winning Crazy Heart (2009), which also featured Robert Duvall as Wayne.


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