Taken 3 – Liam Neeson Brining His Particular Set of Skills Back in a Third Film

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Taken I believe you quoteTaken 3 will bring Liam Neeson back as Bryan Mills, a man with a very particular set of skills; skills he acquired over a very long career. Skills that make him a nightmare for people that cross him or try to hurt his family.

Because of this great Tough Guy news, here is some Tough Guy Wisdom from the first movie!

“I believe you.  But it’s not gonna save you.”

Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills – Taken (2008, US release 2009)


Said to Marko (Arben Barjraktaraj), the kidnapper he has been torturing for information about who they sold his daughter to, just before turning on the electricity one last time and walking away.

Movie Trivia:

Taken (2008, US release 2009) was nominated for a 2010 Saturn Award for Best International Film from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films.

About the Actor:

Liam Neeson was married to Natasha Richardson from July 3, 1994 to March 18, 2009, when she tragically died from a head injury she received from a fall while skiing.

From Tough Guy Wisdom III: Revenge of the Tough Guy