The African Queen starring Humphrey Bogart

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African QueenI never tried shooting myself in the head, neither. The trouble with you, miss, is you… You don’t know anything about boats.”

Humphrey Bogart as Charlie Allnut – The African Queen (1951)


Allnut doesn’t think much of Rose Sayer’s (Katharine Hepburn) idea of taking the African Queen down the Ulanga river to torpedo the German ship Louisa. She believes his boat will make the journey, he doesn’t. This is his reply when she says, “How do you know? You never tried it.”

Movie Trivia:

The African Queen (1951) received Oscar nominations for Best Actress in a Leading Role, Katharine Hepburn; Best Director, John Huston; and Best Writing, Screenplay, James Agee and John Huston.

About the Actor:

Humphrey Bogart won an Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his portrayal of Charlie Allnut in The African Queen (1951). This was the only Oscar Bogart won.