Wildey’s Here – Charles Bronson in Death Wish 3

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Wildey's HereWildey’s here.”

Charles Bronson as Paul Kersey – Death Wish 3 (1985)


Kersey comes in with a package and says the above. He opens it and shows the firearm and says, “Fires a .475 Wildey magnum. Real stopping power.” Bennett (Martin Balsam) asks, “Is that like a .44 Magnum?” Kersey tells him, “No, a .44 Magnum is a pistol cartridge. The .475 Wildey magnum is a shorter version of the African big game cartridge. Makes a real mess.” Later, when Bennett watches Kersey loading some cartridges, he asks, “You load the shells yourself?” Kersey replies, “Nothing’s too good for our friends.”


Check out the clip that introduces “Wildey”