Jack Reacher starring Tom Cruise

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I saw Jack Reacher today starring Tom Cruise and enjoyed it.  It was a fun tough guy movie and there were some good quotes for future Tough Guy Wisdom books.

First of all, I’ve read almost all the books, and it was actually the book One Shot by Lee Child that I read first.  I then went back and read the earlier ones and continued to read them.  I like the series, and it didn’t bother me that Tom Cruise isn’t the same size as Jack Reacher in the books.  It didn’t bother me that Rambo lived in First Blood either.  (Sorry if some of you don’t know that John Rambo died in the original novel First Blood by David Morrell.  Excellent book by the way, and Morrell is another author I like.)

Back to Jack Reacher and the adaptation of One Shot for the big screen.  It was fun and that’s what these kinds of movies are for.  I also liked seeing Lee Child in a cameo. But I do have to admit, as a former Army sniper, I disagreed with the way Cruise held the rifle in the scene where he is shooting at the range.  Now, I also know this is debated in some circles, but with the sandbag rest he had, there isn’t a reason to have his hand between the sandbag and rifle as he was holding it.  From that position, I’d actually prefer having a small sock filled with sand under the butt of the rifle and I’d be controlling that with my left hand.  But I digress again…  Back to the movie.

Again the movie was fun.  It had some great one-liners, some good fights, and a good car chase scene.  I thought the smashing of the one bad guy’s head into the other bad ‘guys face when they were on the ground was a clever and unique fight sequence.  One of my favorite movie fights in quite a while.

Is the movie going to win awards?  No. Is the movie accurate in everything?  No.  Is it true to the book? Not when you consider Cruise’s height and weight among other things. However, is the movie fun?  Yes.  Does Tom Cruise make a good character?  In my opinion, yes.  Do I want them to make more Jack Reacher movies?  YES!  Just as I’ll continue to read the books, I’ll go see more Jack Reacher movies, and when asked if he’d want to do more, Cruise replied he would, so I hope it happens.