Welcome to the Tough Guy Wisdom Website

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Welcome to the Tough Guy Wisdom website.  This is the site for those who love “tough guy” movies.

The first three Tough Guy Wisdom books are almost ready for sale.  The covers are being designed right now.  Once these covers are done, they will be featured in the side bar on the left of the pages of this website.

The first three books to be released are:

Tough Guy Wisdom

Tough Guy Wisdom II: Return of the Tough Guy

Tough Guy Wisdom III: Revenge of the Tough Guy

Volumes IV – VII are in the works, and there will also be seven individual volumes with six of the most famous and popular tough guys out there.  (One of them, John Wayne, has so many quotes that he gets two volumes to himself.)

Tough Guy Wisdom: John Wayne vol. 1

Tough Guy Wisdom: John Wayne vol. 2

Tough Guy Wisdom: Charles Bronson

Tough Guy Wisdom: Clint Eastwood

Tough Guy Wisdom: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Tough Guy Wisdom: Chuck Norris

Tough Guy Wisdom : Sylvester Stallone

This website is the place to order Tough Guy Wisdom books, find out when the newest volumes will be released, read quotes from the books, read tough guy movie trivia, and view flim clips that will be reposted from youtube and internet sources.

Stop back real soon to learn release dates, view quotes, and more!

(And all you ladies, remember that Tough Guy Wisdom books are the perfect Christmas gifts for the tough guy in your life.)