25 Great Tough Guy Movie Quotes

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The Ultimate in Tough Guy Movie Quotes and Trivia

There will be two John Wayne volumes.

Clint Eastwood will have his own volume.

Arnold and Sly get their own books.

Chuck Norris and Charles Bronson also get their own books.

  • It's extremely entertaining. And a quick, easy read. I actually found it nostalgic, but then again I'm a tough guy movie buff. If you are too, you're certain to enjoy it.–Lawrence Kane, author

  • That's why Alain's book "Tough Guy Wisdom" is such a pleasure to read. Alain -- as a former paratrooper,* sniper and bodyguard -- is not a poser. I've stood shoulder to shoulder with him in some dangerous situations. That's why I particularly like his selection of quotes. They reflect the attributes and attitudes of those who ride towards the sound of the guns.–Marc MacYoung, author