John Wick – A Short Review

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John WickWhat John Wick lacks in story, it makes up with bullets, knives and body count. This is a simple revenge flick fueled with nonstop action, pounding soundtrack and some very cool fight and shootout scenes.


Again, it is a very simple plot. Tough guy John Wick (Keanu Reeves) leaves “the life” behind, but gets drawn back in for one last showdown to settle a score. It’s revenge and payback at its finest. Sure, you’ve seen this premise before, but this version has some fantastic action choreography combined with a very good anti-hero performance by Reeves.


At 50, Reeves still has a youthful look and athleticism that makes it believable that he’s the bad ass he plays with the calmness of a professional. This move most likely won’t win any awards, but it is a lot of fun if you enjoy brutal revenge violence. Reeves makes a good tough guy, and the action is fast paced with some sequences that had me going, “Nice…”


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