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Sherlock Holmes Meat or Potatoes“Meat…or potatoes?”

Robert Downey, Jr. as Sherlock Holmes – Sherlock Holmes (2009)


Faced with fighting the large Dredger (Robert Maillet) and the two smaller arson accomplices, Holmes asks Dr. John Watson (Jude Law) if he wants Dredger (meat) or the other two (potatoes).  Watson replies, “My 10 minutes are up.”  Earlier, when breaking in, Watson decides to assist Holmes and Holmes states, “It does make a considerable difference to me having someone with me on whom I can thoroughly rely.”  Watson tells him, “Well, you can rely on me for exactly 10 minutes.”

Movie Trivia:

Robert Maillet, who played Dredger, accidently knocked out Robert Downey, Jr. while filming a fight scene.

About the Actor:

Robert Downey, Jr. read many Sherlock Holmes stories and watched The Adventures of Sherlock Homes (1984) by Granada Television starring Jeremy Brett in order to learn more about the character.

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