Steven Seagal in The Glimmer Man

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Glimmer Man quote“Young warriors used to like to fight head-on.  Old warriors like to wait, let their opponents expose the board, work themselves into a corner.”

Steven Seagal as Lt. Jack Cole – The Glimmer Man (1996)


Cole provides Det. Jim Campbell (Keenen Ivory Wayans) a lesson in chess and strategy from The Art of War by Sun Tzu in a bar after laying a trap for the bad guys.  Later, Campbell repeats the lessons and says they should wait to enter a room full of bad guys.  Cole tells him he listens well and doesn’t know why he doesn’t follow his own advice as he kicks the door in.

Movie Trivia:

Keenen Ivory Wayans, who played Detective Jim Campbell, once played Customer #1 on the popular television series Cheers (1982).

About the Actor:

Steven Seagal’s mother, Patricia, was a medical technician.


From Tough Guy Wisdom II: Return of the Tough Guy