Boards Don’t Hit Back – Bruce Lee in Enter The Dragon

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Boards don't hit back“Boards don’t hit back.”

Bruce Lee as Lee – Enter the Dragon (1973)


Before their match, Oharra (Bob Wall) breaks a board with a punch to try and impress and intimidate Lee.  It doesn’t do either.  In the famous cinema battle, Lee not only embarrasses and defeats Oharra, but kills him and revenges his sister.

Movie Trivia:

Robert “Bob” Wall appeared with Bruce Lee in three of his movies.  These included Way of the Dragon (1972), that also featured Chuck Norris; Enter the Dragon (1973); and Game of Death (1979), the movie that was incomplete when Bruce Lee died.  Rumors surround the fight between Lee and Wall in Enter the Dragon (1973), but Lee and Wall were actually good friends.

About the Actor:

Bruce Lee staged the fight sequences for Enter the Dragon (1973) and received screen credit at the beginning of the movie for this role.


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