TGW honors Karate Champion Joe Lewis

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On behalf of Tough Guy Wisdom I wish to send condolences to the friends, family and students of Karate Champion Joe Lewis, who lost his final battle yesterday, Friday August 31, 2012.

Joe Lewis, who served in the United States Marine Corps, was a fierce fighter of the 1960s and 1970s, earning him the title of greatest fighter in karate history. He also starred in movies and continued to teach and share his passion for the martial arts his entire life.

The martial arts community has truly lost one of its great champions. May he rest in peace and be fondly remembered by all those he taught, influenced and inspired.  In his honor, here is some Tough Guy Wisdom from his first staring movie role in  Jaguar Lives!


“Make sure you spell my name right.”

Joe Lewis as Jonathan Cross (Jaguar) – Jaguar Lives! (1979)


The reply to General Willanova (Donald Pleasence) when he tells Cross about a man he had shot, “He’s buried here, beneath the floor.  You shall have the space next to him, with a plaque of course.”

Movie Trivia:

Jaguar Lives! (1979) was the first starring role for Karate Champion Joe Lewis.  The movie also featured Christopher Lee, Donald Pleasence, Barbara Bach, Woody Strode, Anthony De Longis, and John Huston.

About the Actor:

Joe Lewis was extremely helpful when author Alain Burrese asked for help with an article he was working on for Black Belt magazine.

Taken from Tough Guy Wisdom by Alain Burrese